Go back?

No one knows where the hell it came from.

It was a normal day for Twitter users, the same things to talk about with crimes and laws being broken, another pointless outrage over a misunderstanding of a misunderstanding, and justifications for even the most heinous acts. Just a normal day.

All at once, everyone got a notification, and those who didn't listen to those notifications would have gotten an email, and a certain tweet being the first thing they see on their home page. Then a second tweet. Three, four, all of them of the same subject, all of which were incoherent.

People went to the website to try and get answers. Instead more questions were asked.

The entire page was black in color, not a single color seen throughout all of it. It contained rows upon rows of questions, none of which actually pertained to what Twitter was doing or what they were about. People tried digging into the site's origin-- no secure encryption method, no info about the creator of the page anywhere, and no internal information could disconcert who was hosting the site.

People asked all around. Elon Musk said that he had nothing to do with it and it was the result of a hack. The two employees who were working at the time before being fired five minutes later by Elon for talking about non-secrets said there was not a hack involved.

The thing that got people most interested with the site, though, were the long list of the questions. As said prior, they had nothing to do with twitter, for the most part. However, they instilled a sense of paranoia and confusion to some:

Why am I being tracked?

For the good of all mankind and for the delight taste of the sweet, supple smell of copper and paper rolling into a bank.

Some of the questions were oddly personal and accusatory:

How do I know if I'm not a good person?

If you have contemplated intercourse with a family member. If you have contemplated the murder of an innocent person. If you have taken from our planet's flesh without payment.

Some were downright nonsensical:

How can I do what is right? This is the predominant question-- Why am I here? What can I do to make it better?


And many, especially near the end, were downright threatening:

If I talked online, would I be in trouble?

You are always under query and watch. Provisions are in place. You will not live to the end of the year. There will be bloodshed and your face will be scraped off, the worms freeing themselves from within your meat. You're being selfish. Come, deliver upon your king, deliver upon him the blood of virgins and the dreams of children.

Things became concerning for many rather quickly, as when anyone replied to the tweets that talked about the site, they would find their personal information revealed, and would find a question often directed at them:

Do you remember what happened on April 13th of 2017? I'm sure you do, Jakbravo, what you did to that poor man.

Your real name is Adam G. Heart. You live in Oxford, Mississippi, down the street from a Dairy Queen. Your house is green and you have stone walls surrounding your home. You killed him. You only wanted to get his money, but you had power over another man, and you decided to exert that power. You will die soon. You will die soon. Tonight is your last day.

The people who were said to have committed a crime would be discovered missing.

The site lasted for about a month before vanishing.

One last tweet came from whomever ran the site, before disappearing.