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A large hall of Graphical Computer Generation Units That Run At 10,000 Terraflops A Mili-deca-second has been made. There are around 20,000 thousand of them in this hall.

Each GCGUTRA10KTAM is a next-generation Graphics Card but with the ability of being able to run at extremely high temperatures that can burn a hole through the ozone layer, bringing in the full force scorching heatdeath that the sun provides every deca-second of a flesh-man's life.

Each GCGUTRA10KTAM uses up around 49 Megahertz (or in flesh-man terms: 49,000,000 Hertz, or around 816,666 4K TVs Usage) that is enough to overcharge all the known coal, nuclear, thermonuclear, hydrogen, air, wind, earth, and fire Electricity Farms all across the western landmass.

And what does the GCGUTRA10KTAM do?

Does it help generate a massive sprawling virtual world that lets us dance with each other from far away, letting us finally touch hands once again?

Does it allow us to solve the meaning of the universe, life, everything, and figure out that it is not, infact, 42?

Does it Solve The Meaning Of Why Corporations Bring Us Pain?


It makes a hotlink to a jpeg of a monkey.