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The Man and His Friend whose body is synthetic walk across a barren field of colorless colors and missing notes singing empty echoes far above. The sky glows a brilliant purple haze as clouds move, walking across what was once Atlanta.

It was now a field of ruins and bodies and ruined bodies. They had traveled for 10 years like this.

Coincidentally, the world had ended 10 years ago. Comedy.

The Friend stares at the man and smiles, ignoring the tears rolling down his face, he's been like that for 10 years, it hurts but he's trying. Both of them are.

The sky feels close on this particular day, the holes coming through and showing the stars in the brilliant glow of haze.

The Friend stares at the holes and wonders what is out there. He asks The Man if he has any idea.
Absolutely Nothing And That's Okay The Man Says.

The Friend is confused about this answer. Why is that okay?
Because Nothing Can Have Everything The Man Says.

The Friend is confused about this answer. Is there really everything out there?
There Is Everything Here Too. But Everywhere Is Nothing Is Everywhere The Purple Skies Touch And Smile, The Man Says.

The clouds move above as The Friend hears this answer. He has regret for the ghost before him and his age. He's sorry.

The Friend frees The Man. A movie ends somewhere. Sad yet beautiful. Noise happens as souls go through the holes in the purple haze, with the clouds.

The purple haze gives way to the moon, and its brother, slowly spinning around cosmically and existentially fading in and out.

Flowers are withered at this time as they have been. It's been 10 years after all. When morning comes, they'll bloom. The ruins will remain.