I've been experimenting with making music in FL Studio. I don't have a good grasp on Music Theory. A wonderful combo I'm sure. A few of these are unfinished and due to the fact that I only have a demo for FL Studio, these will likely remain unfinished for the future. If in the unlikely chance someone wants to use one of these, feel free to use them, ask if you do though!

Drakengard-inspired type Song
Brutal Winds (Unfinished)
Ominious intro that turns into a combat remix of Like The Wind
Cool Level/Chapter Opener
Sound for the beginning of a Chapter
A song that was intended to sound like a mix of Cruelty Squad and Sonic The Hedgehog
Forlorn Cascadia
A song indended to be used in a custom map I wanted to make for Cruelty Squad. Haven't been able to figure out the tools tho lol but i made the song atleast.
idk what this is supposed to be lol (UNFINISHED)
I think i wanted to make a song with a messy chaotic beat after a dramatic opening
Lab Sanctuary
Music for a strange funky lab
MTV DVD Promo Panic Attack Attack
I had gotten reminded of the DVD opening that some discs published by MTV would have, and as such I wanted to make a beat that was reminiscent of that.
Nightmare Breakdown
Crazy breakdown intended to invoke the feeling of being chased by something.
unnamed ambient track
Okay truth be told I don't remember making this one but, it sounds pleasant.
The Day The World Went Away (Hopeful Yet Mourned Memories Of You Loop)
Okay so I had gotten my hands on the extracted multitracks for TDTWWA as it was played on nin.remix, and I made this as a result, nothing major, just a fun little experiment.
the reminiscense of a broken hearted woman and her fading memories
Long title yes, probably was thinking about Thee Silver Mt. Zion while making it. Wanted the invoke the feeling of someone's broken memories of a person they loved, all playing on loop.
Doesn't It Make You Feel Better? Burning In A Basin Across The Sky.
Another one with a long title. This is... an interesting one, admittedly. It was supposed to be something kinda different, but it became something that I can only describe as tragic-sounding.
Uses a static audio sample from Open Game Art, audio samples from NIN's 'March Of The Pigs' and 'Gave Up', and the English version of Drakengard's 'Growing Wings'.