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Coming soon...! What shall you expect from here, once this is done? Well, well well well well, well!

"Hold onto that resolve of yours. Never let it go, for that may be the only true constant you can have left in these dying worlds. With The Withering having tore everything apart, and the Deepcore Foundation only digging a deeper hole for us, having that strength-- that resolve, may be the thing that saves the human spirit in the end."

The Earth is dying. A vicious purple haze burns the land, the color of life is being drained with ash. The weather defies logic, and holes in reality break through. Magic exists, and with it all of the dangers it entails-- Witches roam the world, causing destrution wherever they go. Anomalous entities from other realms have invaded ours. Parts of the Earth is disappearing.

Not to mention, the megacorporation known as the Deepcore Foundation has completely infiltrated most aspects of life-- enstilling a sense of control. On the other end, a terrorist group known as the Tower Of Babel wishes to change everything, bringing about massive chaos and change with it.

Earth isn't alone, however. Many other realms are suffering a similar kind've fate. Many lives are suffering from despair. Many different worlds are ending.

And yet, some people have enough resolve to change this. To save the worlds.

And yet, they have hope.

Anthem Of The Harmonic Universes is a multi-universal worldbuilding project that is currently a work in progress by yours truly. In the planning stages right now, but eventually, I hope to have it set up so that you can read the stories set in these worlds, as well as read a full-fledged wikia dedicated to the world in it, the lore, everything about it.

Soon this shall become reality.

Paradise is a Work In Progress mappack for Doom II for the GZDooM source port. The plot of it is simple:

You are on the way to the town of Paradise, a bizarro town located in the middle of nowhere. You have been sent there with one goal: kill all of the demons there. Easy, right?

Well, the town of Paradise is home to weirdos, freaks, homeless people, hot jpegs, sonic the hedgehog, inexplicable memes, more demons, slaugherfest, super neo-nazis with the corpse of hitler, memes from the 90s, and retro video-game references!

Oh, and you haven't even gotten there yet, as the train you ride is already infested with demons.

Paradise will be focused around a hub area divided up into five sections; and the game will be filled with secrets, many demons, challenges, and replayability!

Hopefully soon I will have a demo out for it :)

This Website!
This website is a project I'm currently working on :) It's hopefully a neat thing.

SFM Project: Postal Dude Ruins A Bar
It's been a hot minute since I've worked on this one, but the premise of it is simple: The Postal Dude (from Postal 2) goes to a bar to get a petition signed.
If you're even remotely familiar with how things go in the Postal games, it may not surprise you that things go horrifically wrong.

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